The Federal Government revised the restrictions (on 8 May 2020) that specifically relate to provision of dental services Рthese measures affect all dental practices in the public and private sector. The latest guidelines limit the treatment of patients who have an active coronavirus  infection, flu-like symptoms or have somebody in their household that could have coronavirus/ flu-like symptoms. Social distancing must also be followed by all who attend our practice.


  • No patient with a confirmed COVID-19 infection or who has been in close contact with a person suspected to have the infection can be treated in general dental practice – they must only be seen in a hospital equipped to deal with COVID-19 patients
  • Patients who have flu-like symptoms (including a fever, aches, sore throat or shortness of breathe) or been in contact with a person with these symptoms, can not attend the practice
  • Strict limits apply to the number of people able to be present in the practice – the total people present shall be determined by the 4 square metre / person guideline. As patient care is our first priority, we have to limit the number of people in our reception area – should that area become busy we must enforce a patient + one (1) person rule. This will mean extra family members will be requested to wait outside the reception area
  • We encourage all attending the practice to wash their hands on arrival and prior to departing
  • When seated in the reception area, patients must be at least 1.5metres from others that are not from the same household

The purpose of these restrictions is to avoid the gathering of patients and carers at dental practices, better restrict the risk of COVID-19 infection spread within the community and limit the use of mask and gloves which must be directed to critical medical care. For many weeks there has been strict limits on the sale of dental masks due to their short supply from panic buying trends.

We request your understanding and respect in these challenging times so rude and undignified conduct towards our staff in person or over the phone will not be tolerated. Everyone in our community has been impacted in some way by this unprecedented event so please be patient.